Austrian Bakery (breakfast, special orders, gluten-free)

artisan European-style bread plus gluten-free options

Try Regina Olson's baked goods when you stay at The Hutch in Hillsdale, MI.

Next door to the Hutch, Regina bakes and sells her own bread at Mama's Bäckerei. A native of Ottensheim, Upper Austria, Regina specializes in artisan European-style breads and other baked goods, including gluten-free options. Click here for her current list of baked goods & prices.

How can you enjoy these delights from Regina’s bakery?
  • Submit a custom order and pick it up from the farm. Here’s our contact info; special order minimum is 3 loaves of the same type (and they freeze beautifully). Pickup day can be customized, or you can participate in Regina's current weekly baking schedule (as of January 2015): submit your order by Monday evening and it will be ready by Wednesday evening. 
  • Come stay at the Hutch and savor Regina’s bread as part of your breakfast. To take more baked goods home with you, place an order ahead of time and Regina will have it ready for you when you leave. 
  • Visit Regina’s stand at the Hillsdale County Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings, spring through fall. 
Regina also offers eggs, farm fresh vegetables, potted herbs, seasonal fruits and berries, and hand-knit socks and mittens. 

In all Regina's breads and baked goods, the majority of ingredients are organic and non-GMO products, locally sourced whenever possible. The milk comes from her goats and the eggs from her chickens, who all get non-GMO feed.

Many seed bread, potato rosemary bread, sunflower seed bread, hearth bread, raisin bread, gluten-free rice bread and everyone's favorite poppyseed buns!